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Gruesome Magazine - Horror Movie Reviews and Interviews

Mar 27, 2023

The Grue-Crew review THE LAKE (2023, DREAD) on Gruesome Magazine episode 416. Jeff Mohr from Decades of Horror: The Classic Era, Crystal Cleveland, the Livin6Dead6irl from Decades of Horror: 1980s, award-winning filmmaker Christopher G. Moore, lead news writer Dave Dreher, and Doc Rotten share their thoughts about this week's frightening addition to streaming horror films.

Warning: possible spoilers after the initial impressions!


A gigantic and bloodthirsty monster emerges from a lake after its egg is stolen and unleashes its fury on a town's inhabitants, leaving a trail of destruction and death in its wake. The town of Bueng Kan, now cut off from the outside world, must mobilize its officials and citizens, as well as a group of scientists that are in town conducting research, to catch this predator before it's too late.

  • Available now on VOD and will be available on Blu-ray May 16, 2023
  • Directed by: Lee Thongkham, Aquin Xu
  • Written by: Lee Thongkham
  • Cast: Theerapat Sajakul, Sushar Manaying, Vithaya Pansringarm, Supansa Wedkama, Wanmai Chatborrirak, Thanachat Tullayachat, Ren Youxan, Su Qiucheng, Somphong Kunapratom, Unruean Rachote