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Gruesome Magazine - Horror Movie Reviews and Interviews

Oct 16, 2019

This week, the Grue-Crew celebrates the Slasher flick with a pair of films steeped in crimson chaos. The first film this week, THE FURIES from director Tony D'Aquino, set 6 "beauties" against 6 "beasts" in a battle of survival. The second film, TRICK from director Patrick Lussier, introduces the slasher named "Trick" as he (or she) spreads terror and horror each Halloween season.

Doc Rotten from Horror News Radio. Jeff Mohr from Decades of Horror: The Classic Era. And Crystal Cleveland, the Livin6Dead6irl from Decades of Horror: 1980s share their thoughts about this week's awesome collection of streaming horror films. Joining the crew this week is Horror News Radio co-host, Dave Dreher!

Gruesome Magazine Podcast - Episode 086


A woman is kidnapped and finds herself an unwilling participant in a deadly game where women are hunted by masked men.


  • Director: Tony D'Aquino
  • Cast: Airlie Dodds, Linda Ngo, Taylor Ferguson


Release: Currently available on SHUDDER


A no-nonsense detective tries to track down a serial killer named Trick, who is terrorizing a small town.


  • Director: Patrick Lussier
  • Cast: Omar Epps, Jamie Kennedy, Tom Atkins


Release: In Theaters - October 18, 2019 / On Digital and On Demand - October 18, 2019